Preston (left) and Warren (right) moments before stealing the real Web Ellis Cup and replacing it with a forgery. Ocean's 2 style.

         We grew up across the street from one another in Marietta, Georgia. What started out as playing army and kick the can in the street eventually turned into tossing an odd shaped ball back and forth. Both of us played for Trojans Rugby Club and won the first ever high school state championship in Georgia, but you’ve no doubt read and heard all about that. Since then, both of us have been wandering about, playing and socializing with different teams of various skill levels. After realizing how much we talked about the Eagles and rugby across the States, it only made sense to get involved somehow. After talking about a podcast for several months, we decided to meet up and talk about it a little more. That night a twitter was born, and then a Soundcloud page. Then we had a microphone, which wasn’t turned on the first four times we used it. Slowly things started to coalesce. Now, you’re reading this and probably know more than you wanted.

Anyway, here are some facts:


  • Rugby teams you cheer for- USAEagles (duh). Saracens are my Premiership team. They have three Americans and I love how they treat their players and fans. Their artificial pitch is perfect for running rugby as well. I also cheer for Life University here in the USA.
  • Best/most appropriate rugby memory- Winning the first High School Championship in Georgia in 2005. Scoring two tries against Arkansas State while I was at UGA is a close second.
  • Favorite Eagle- Samu Manoa. What he has accomplished is amazing. I cant believe we have a USA Player playing in Toulon. Also he is just fun to watch.
  • If you’re not rugbying, what are you doing- Pestering Preston about the pod. I try to hike and fish as much as possible too.
  • Moe’s or Chipotle- Chipotle hands down. Chipotle could have salmonella and I would still pick that over Moes. 
  • Name 3 bands people should listen to- Lord Huron, Four Years Strong, Yonder Mountain String Band



  • Rugby teams you cheer for- Eagles above all. Life because they’re the best rugby around us. If it’s a foreign match, I just want to see a good contest!
  • Best/most appropriate rugby memory- Winning the first Georgia High School State Championship was fun, and we won it a couple more times. However, my best memory comes from beating South Florida in the first ever play off win for Kennesaw State. They whooped us the year before too. The entire roster played their hearts out. Can’t top that. 
  • Favorite Eagle player- You might guess Luke Hume, and you’re dangerously close to being right. Todd Clever however has been the face of the Eagles for me, and like most American fans. Cliche, but true. 
  • If you’re not rugbying, what are you doing- School work unfortunately! I love the outdoors, even if that means only going for a short walk. Camping is where I’d rather be if not on a pitch. 
  • Moe’s or Chipotle- Moe’s hands down. You can’t trust a place that doesn’t serve queso. You just can’t. Salmonella outbreak aside. Seriously, no queso? 
  • Name 3 bands people should listen to- Black Taxi, Jungle, A$AP Rocky