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Who are these guys?

We grew up across the street from one another in Marietta, Georgia. What started out as playing army and kick the can in the street eventually turned into tossing an odd shaped ball back and forth. Both of us played for Trojans Rugby Club and won the first ever high school state championship in Georgia, but you’ve no doubt read and heard all about that. Since then, both of us have been wandering about, playing and socializing with different teams of various skill levels. After realizing how much we talked about the Eagles and rugby across the States, it only made sense to get involved somehow. After talking about a podcast for several months, we decided to meet up and talk about it a little more. That night a twitter was born, and then a Soundcloud page. Then we had a microphone, which wasn’t turned on the first four times we used it. Slowly things started to coalesce. Now, you’re reading this and probably know more than you wanted.

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We do this podcast because we love rugby. We appreciate any and all donations to help pay for new recording equipment, website maintenance, beer, and atlas/geography lessons.

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